Tre Sentimenti

Three Moods for Bass Clarinet and Symphonic Band


Mehr Werke für Harmoniemusik

At last the bass clarinet can shine in this major new solo work for bass clarinet and concert band. This composition begins with a rather mysterious opening passage with atmospheric sounds and effects. The soloist plays - preferably backstage - a number of fragments and melodic patterns, without actually “starting” the piece. After this somewhat hesitant introduction, a lively, cheerful allegro entitled Con Giocondita (with joy) bursts out. It is swarming with irregular meters, changing tempos, and polyrhythm, through which the listeners (and sometimes also the musicians) constantly get the feeling that they are being tossed around. The second movement brings rest and peace making careful use of sound colours. The upbeat finale, titled Con Allegria (with cheerfulness), is the most significant movement for the soloist. This is a challenging piece of music that demands great virtuosity, but with the correct performer it will be a real highpoint in any concert..

De Haske (Kaufen bei De Haske)
DHP 1053797-010
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