Tirol Terra Fortis

The Stadtmusikkapelle Wilten-Innsbruck (Austria) invited Belgian composer Jan Van der Roost to write a work to mark the bicentenary of the Tyrolean fight for freedom, which was settled in 1809. Various musical elements reflect this historical event. First, a hymn-like section rings out, based on melodic fragments from the ‘Tiroler Landeshymne’ (by Leopold Knebelsberger), which intertwine in a counterpoint-like arrangement. The second passage is more bellicose in character, and mirrors the fight of the Tyroleans - under the inspiring leadership of freedom fighter Andreas Hofer (1767-1810) - against Bavarian, French and Italian troops. Next, a broad, chorale-style melody appears again: here, the imposing beauty of nature in Tyrol, and the amiable, lively temperament of the people who live in this mountainous region, are glorified.This is neither a programmatic work around an historical reconstruction, nor a politically inspired work: it is a combination of factual and cultural components, with an artistic and sonorous character. The use of the flugelhorn in particular gives Tirol Terra Fortis its ‘couleur locale’: for this beautiful instrument can invariably be found in the Austrian wind band. The commissioning music society had therefore specifically asked the composer to incorporate the instrument in this work. It certainly enhances the already extensive colour palette of the modern concert band!

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