Banchetto musicale

Flanders Recorder Quartet


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  • Suite No. 20 (from "Banchetto musicale") (Johann Hermann Schein)
  • Praeludium (Fantasia) & Fuga BWV 537 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • La Marcha (Tarquinio Merula)
  • La Livia (Tarquinio Merula)
  • Suite for Pipes: Intrada - Minuet - Valse - Finale (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
  • Three Gadgets: Catch Phrases - Theatre of the Absurd - Flashing Flutes (Piet Swerts)
  • I Continenti: Asia - South America - Oceania - North America - Africa (Jan Van der Roost)
  • Czaldy Waldy - La Manfredina - La Rotta della Manfredina (c.1400, arr. FRQ)
  • op de fles (Frans Geysen)
  • La Bizzarra (Nicolò Corradini)

The program ranges from the 17th to the 21st century. The names Johann Hermman Schein, Tarquinio Merula and Johann Sebastian Bach stand for the treasures of early recorder music. Ralph Vaughan William's wonderful and seldom-heard "Suite for Pipes" leads into the contemporary repertoire, represented by works of Piet Swerts, Jan Van Roost and Frans Geysen that are lively, imaginative and of unheard-of sonic beauty: It is not without reason that numerous compositions have been dedicated to the Flanders Recorder Quartet. An expressive improvisation in medieval style is also offered.

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