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This “Grand Overture” was commissioned by the “Nagano Community Band” - Japan- on occasion of its jubilee in 1992 and is dedicated to the band’s conductor, Ikuo Inagaki.The work is based upon three main themes, each symbolising a certain theme. The first part is characterized by its bright themes played mainly by the brass, accompanied by the woodwinds and festive percussion. This part symbolizes the jubilee which is the origin of the composition. This is followed by a bouncing allegro, in which each register of the band displays brilliant techniques. Especially the woodwinds come to the fore! This movement depicts the industriousness and enthousiasm shown by the members of the “Nagano Community Band” in the carrying out of their hobby. A third, main theme, is choral-like in character and is displayed both in the (soft) brass as well as in the warm medium register of the reeds. Here, nature’s beaty in and around the city of Nagano is musically celebrated. Following a “chamber-music episode” (featuring the flute, oboe, clarinet, alto-saxophone and horn) the initial allegro re-occurs, weaving its way towards a grandiose finale, in which the two previous themes are once again apparent. Due to its very colourful scoring and the enormous diversity of musical thoughts and ideas, this composition is a fascinating and memorable piece, worthy a jubilee overture!

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