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Avalon is a one-part composition. The surprising opening measures describe the sudden entrance into another world. After these initial measures, we hear a choral-like melody, which is repeated three times in different instrumentations with increasing intensity. This represents the procession of the ghosts dwelling in the underworld of Avalon, headed by the mighty magician Merlin.The exalted sound is then suddenly interrupted by a fast movement, in which ostinato figures alternate with bi-tonal motives. This represents the attempt of some evil characters to invade Avalon. Mordred is the leader of this horde and together they disturb the peace and quiet in the otherwisecalm Avalon. The flourish of trumpets heralds the entrance of the Knights of the Round Table who drive away the intruders and return to their castle, Tintagel, in a triumphal procession. Upon their return, the next problem presents itself. An inexplicable disease plagues the resting ghosts.The Knights and the Council of the Wise are convened to find out the cause of this problem. Musically this can be heard in the repetition of the initial themes. The Knights and the Council of the Wise determine that the presence of mortals is the reason that the resting ghosts are suffering. There is simply no room for mortal souls in Avalon. After a powerful statement by King Arthur, we hear a glissando referring to the very first measures, and… we are back in the normal world. The journey through the underworld has come to an end and a dream is over.