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Metalla was commissioned by the 'Kreisverband Altenkirchen' of Germany and dedicated to Ottomar Jung. The composer himself conducted the premiere of the piece, which was performed by the 'Jugendorchester Kreisverband Altenkirchen' on 25 March 1999.The region of Altenkirchen is known for its iron mines, which find musical expression in the dark mood of the introduction (andante misterioso). This effect is accomplished with overlapping seventh intervals, orchestral crescendos, a succession of broad chords and the presentation of most themes in the middle register of the band.The dynamic section (allegro energico) that follows the introduction is characterized by concise figures inthe brass and a second motif, a kind of rippling motion depicting the Sieg River, an important element in the landscape of the Altenkirchen region.The work closes with a final theme that returns a number of times, albeit in different guises. After a brief repeat of the seventh intervals from the beginning, a last radiant chord signals the end of the piece.