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Nemu Susato
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Commissioned by the Japan Band Clinic Committee of Yamaha for the Nemu Band Directors Clinic in Nemu no Sato, May 18-20, 1997.The surprising title of this work is an indication of its content. By combining the somewhat similar names ‘Nemu no Sato’ and ‘Susato’ into a new word, Jan Van der Roost has produced a significant and interesting subject. The Yamaha corporation has extensive facilities in Nemu no Sato, Japan, including a concert hall, recording studios, hotel and so on. Concerts, workshops, clinics and other events are held here, including the annual Nemu Band Directors Clinic, which consists of numerous musical events. Jan Van der Roost served as guest conductor andspeaker in 1994. He was invited again for the 1997 clinic, this time with a composition assignment. The difficulty level of his new piece was to be Grade 2 - 3 bands. With this in mind, Mr. Van der Roost strove to create a renaissance-like sound. Simultaneously he wished to create a tribute to Tielman Susato who, like Jan Van der Roost, lived and worked in Antwerp in the 16th century. The first performance of Nemu-Susato was conducted by the composer, performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Band, and took place during the Nemu Band Directors Clinic on May 19, 1997.






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