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Spartacus is a "Symphonic Tone Poem" with 3 joints. Each section has its own melodical materials, however: in the final movement the main theme from the second section returns in a 'grandioso'-tutti. The last bar but one recaptures the 'oriental' atmosphere of the very beginning. The first section (= from the beginning till J) builds up a climax by repeating and accumulating some melodical and rhythmical stuctures. The oriental character of the melodical fragments refers to the origin of the Roman slaves. The second section evokes the love between Spartacus and his loveby giving a peaceful atmosphere. The mean theme (presented the first time at letter L) has a broad andwide character and refers slightly to filmmusic. In this part of the composition, a special attention is given to the orchestration. The final section is more agressive and martial and refers to the revolt of the slaves against the Roman oppressors. In the middle of this movement, an accumulation of the 12 tones symbolizes the crucifixion of the slaves: the english horn resumes partly the cadenza of the flute (at letter J), as if he wants to show again the eternal love between Spartacus and his love a very last time ... The theme at the third bar of letter T is actually based on the 2nd theme of this section (which starts at the fifth bar of letter R), but has been worked out rhytmically.






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