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Suite Provençale
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This 4-movement suite is based on authentic folktunes from the beautiful southern province in France: the "Provence". The composer used an harmonic language respecting the popular characteristics, but on the other hand also contains some "spicy" notes (... just like the wellknown "Provençal sauce"! ...). The instrumentation is very colourful, paying a lot of attention to the different timbres of both brass and wood winds as well as to the percussion section.Every movement has its own character: "Un Ange a fa la crido" (= An angel brought the creed / credo) is like a bourrée, "Adam e sa Coumpagnou" (= Adam and his companion) is an old love song, "Lou Fustié" (= the carpenter)a fast dance and finally "Lis Escoubo" (= a whistle tune / popular ballad) is a farandole. In the latter, the old tradition of folk musicians who play a whistle with one hand and a drum with the other hand, is clearly represented during the first presentations of the one and only theme)Although this piece is not too demanding, a well balanced band is necessary to perform it successfully. Thanks to the contrasts and the varying colours, it keeps on holding the attention.






De Haske