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Toccata Festiva
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‘Toccata Festiva’ was commissioned in 1994 by the Dutch Brass Band Championships. The wind band version was made a year later by the composer himself. Historically speaking, the toccata is considered to be one of the first independent instrumental forms for keyboard instruments. Originally the toccata was typically more or less improvised, later this musical form was given a more regulated structure. Both elements are used in the ‘Toccata Festiva’: on the one hand the different themes are developed freely, on the other, the piece has an orderly structure. It is in a three part form (quick-slow-quick) and includes both strong rhythmical figures and broad melodic lines. Partof the composition is written in a more or less archaic tone idiom, referring to the period from which the toccata form originates (16th century).






De Haske